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Clearly improved the sound of videos | For those who are concerned about the sound quality during YouTube distribution


Video shot by iPhone is one of the most popular contents on YouTube . It depends on the content, but in the case of talk-centered content, there is no problem if you record it in a clear voice at a close distance from the iPhone.

However, if you use a whiteboard to explain the content, people who are far from the iPhone or who have a low voice tend to be less energetic and cheaper than other videos. The problem can be solved indoors by using an external microphone .






Don't underestimate high quality headphone utilization

Headphone usage is exploding. Watching on the move is on the rise more than ever. YouTube sound quality is also an important factor in content, and you should be careful about delivering better sound.

However, when shooting in the field where there are many outdoor recordings such as the YouTube channel of a professional golfer who is not talk-oriented, the quality will drop at once if post-processing cannot be performed on the sound. Simple noise removal such as Audition CC and minimum equalizer adjustment are essential. If you have full-fledged noise removal skills, you can improve the video below.

Improvement example of noisy roadside recording

Improves "sound quality" that cannot be retaken

Many people are worried that the already recorded voice will be a little better . We are working on various YouTube contents.

Improvement of hard-to-listen voice and sound cracking troubles.

・ Delivery pianist

・ Various musicians who distribute music

Mix master phosphorus grayed and noise removal, a hybrid of live sound source , such as.

Specialized engineers who deal with documentary movies and professional voice restoration solve various sound quality problems . Please feel free to contact us as you can use the trial for free .

Mix mastering of piano performances that we are helping

Representative & Sound Refomer / Takaki Yamakawa

Graduated from Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi, Institute of Sound Arts. Aspiring to be a recording engineer, he entered the school, but since he was still in school, he devoted himself to music production and went on to make music. Through the activities of bands and units, he goes in and out of major labels and music publishers, but fails to make a major debut and freezes his music activities at the age of 30. After that, he struggled as a salaryman. After working for several companies, he is in charge of sales of some listed companies.

In 2014, I was surprised by iZotope's voice restoration technology and established a sound reform site that can be used by both professionals and amateurs. Since then, I have been working on improving and repairing various recordings regardless of professional or amateur.


Famous YouTuber's review example

Sound cracking reduction of pin microphone