Usage flow (site terms of use)

This site provides a wide range of " sound quality improvement services " from professional audio and video content to personal recordings. Due to the characteristics of requesting sound sources in various states, we always keep the sound sources for quotation .

iPhone スマホ 問い合わせ メール コンタクト


Please apply from the inquiry form . If you are in a hurry, please share the sound source at this point .

改善依頼 ご相談 音質の悩み

Contact from the person in charge

We will send you an e-mail to confirm the reception and details within 48 hours.


Reply from user

Please reply to the email from us to confirm the contents, delivery date and contact information. Credit card payment by pre-charging is required only for emergency response . (Normal delivery date is no charge)

音声修復 ノイズ除去 ミックスマスタリング 音声編集

Excerpt sample creation start

It usually takes 3 to 7 days depending on the order status and difficulty level (separate for long lengths)

ヘッドフォン 試聴 テスト 無料トライアル アップロード

Estimate and sample sound source information

Excerpt sample & estimated price presented. Please listen and judge the paid order.


Transfer of remodeling fee

After confirming the payment, we will guide you to the full data master sound source after completing the remaining work.

* How to send a large file that cannot be attached to an email

* If you are using a model that cannot transfer data from the voice recorder, the " Voice Recorder All Leave Plan " is applicable.


<Rules for using this service>

(Please approve the following contents to use)


A. Estimate method

① Work man-hour points (35P @ 19USD)

(The time and effort of the specific processing process required to improve sound quality)

(2) Improvement level (completeness that could be improved)

③ Delivery time (usually 3-7 days before sample preparation, 7-10 days after hiring decision)


B. Estimated surcharge based on delivery date

Urgent within 48 hours * = 80% more than the normal estimated price

Within 5 days = 50% more than the normal quote

30 days or more = 10% discount from the regular quote


* In some cases, it may not be possible to respond depending on the amount of requests, the content of improvement, and the congestion situation.)

Pre-entry payment (99USD) by credit card is required for 48h emergency response. (When a contract is concluded, the entry will be discounted)


For requests to keep the media, the outbound shipping fee and the minimum charge (500-2000 yen) will be charged.


C. Contents that will be refused at the time of trial


① Distribution music data that can be repurchased (including all-you-can-listen service)

(2) Content that is expected to be diverted to crime, such as stealing and blackmail by an unrelated third party. (If you request for each dispute such as a trial, please show your driver's license etc.)

(3) Content that is expected to infringe copyright or privacy depending on the usage.

④ If a pseudonym or spoofing is discovered, you cannot contact us by e-mail, or if you have not answered the confirmation from us.

⑤ Sound source data with a recording time of 2 hours or more (consultation is possible depending on the delivery date and budget)

⑥ A sound source that is clearly unlikely to be repaired or improved by our technology.

⑦ When the amount of work that cannot be completed with the presented budget is assumed.

⑧ Request for a very short sound source that can be the delivery master as it is.

⑨ Adjustments that span multiple files are not eligible for trial.


<About the management of the entrusted sound source>


We will strictly manage the contents of the entrusted voice regardless of whether it is adopted or not, and if it is not adopted, we will responsibly delete it completely. (Including the case where there is no call back from us for more than 7 days)