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Eliminates audio noise caused by equipment troubles mixed in videos

The other day, a client who handles a lot of video content of a certain genre requested to remove audio noise. The whole video was uniformly mixed with a rather terrible "boom" audio noise.

Imagine that there was a problem with the plug connection, etc. due to a problem with the equipment.

If a video cameraman who also records audio brings a linear PCM recorder to the sub unit, or if there is a problem recording two microphones, a gun microphone (both are mono) and a built-in microphone of the camera, on different channels. It seems that there are many cases where it is recorded with insurance.

Even so, in simple shooting with a single unmanned fixed camera, there are times when only one audio is recorded without assuming such trouble. For professional creators, voice troubles in such cases can be said to be a serious mistake of losing the next job.

At first glance, there are many cases where even a sound source in a terrible state, "this may not be possible", can be improved when recording with professional equipment. We delivered it to our client safely.

Most professional sound quality improvements cover serious mistakes, so it's annoying that we can't easily publish improvement samples.

You can make a trial order of "Trouble sound source in trouble" by hybrid sound reform. It is also widely used by professional video production companies and freelance video photographers. Please feel free to try it.

We accept sound adjustment, restoration, and noise removal of video content.

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Beatles free-as-a-bird Is (Free as a Bird) is you know?

A miracle song completed by the remaining three members in 1995, an unfinished song by John Lennon. It is a sound source that John left on a commercially available cassette tape (1977). It is said that the piano and the song were recorded on one track and there was noise. At that time, I longed for the advanced voice editing technology. We provide everyone with sound quality improvement technology that was magical 25 years ago.

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