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3 reasons anyone can master 85 points with Ozone 8

The iZotope Ozone plug-in, familiar to self-mastering music creators. Ozone 8 which was fully updated in 2018 has an automatic mastering function by AI, which is familiar to Nutron, and even those who could not master as imagined can easily create a high level master sound source. Here are three points for music creators who are about to start full-scale mastering. (If you want a little more basic knowledge, go to this Ozone 7 article )

1. Tonal Balance control that can judge the quality of the mix


Even if you are a professional mastering engineer, if the condition of the master sound source of the mixdown is bad, it is difficult to correct it and finish it with high quality. Unless you have to release it due to budget or deadlines, the better engineers will suggest going back to trackdown and starting over.

Until now, it was only my own sense that amateur creators judged the quality of the mix. However, "Tonal Balance control" added in Ozone 8 is a meter type plug-in that can judge the mix balance.

Sleepfreaks explains the specific procedure

When mastering (including automatic) with Ozone8, if you keep it within the "recommended range of Tonal Balance control", it will serve as a guideline to ensure high quality mastering.
Easy to use. Just launch this plug-in at the end of the master track when MIX (track down).
It can be linked with Ozone and Neutron as it is, but I personally think that it is better to judge the band and adjust the mix balance of each track. Of course, it is also possible to change the settings intended for presets and reference songs with different finish assumptions.

2. Master Assistant that can be automatically mastered with reference to the reference (a specific sound source that wants to make this kind of sound)


For CDs and distribution, automatic mastering settings are easily proposed with the touch of an analysis button, but after all, it is automatic using a reference that can analyze specific reference songs, match their own songs, and perform similar mastering. Mastering is the biggest point in this update. It seems that this function is mainly taken up in other blogs. Mr. Morisaki of Sidera Mastering demonstrated at the iZotope seminar at the time of release, but even if a well-known engineer listens to it, the mastering setting of the passing score is easily recommended.

Of course, if you make fine adjustments to the underlay, you can master even further. Differences in interpretation of music, a flat monitor environment, and experience points that allow detailed distinction are required. It can be said that you can imitate a technique close to a professional by repeating trials and errors to get closer to the finished image.

Same as the video above, but with the same explanation time

3. We have a complete set of plug-ins required for business- level mastering.


All of the standard plug-ins that are components of Ozone 8 have been highly evaluated by top creators, except for the maximizer. Equalizers, limiters, exciters and stereo imagers are all ideal for mastering, which has no strange quirks and requires fine adjustment. Each one supports M / S processing, and the presets for each plug-in are also a source of ideas. Personally, I can't let go of the Vintage complessor and Limmiter.

The major DAWs of Cubase and Logic pro are also equipped with plug-ins that can be fully utilized for approximate mastering these days, but creators who want to maximize sound output should still invest in mastering-only plug-ins.


In the first place, it is best to leave it to an expert if you have trouble mixing or mastering. In particular, mastering pursues very detailed details. Without a solid monitor environment, it is difficult to drive in precise sound. However, self-mastering is an exciting experience for creators and musicians who are particular about sound output in every corner of the song. Let's challenge. Since mastering is a field where technology disclosure is surprisingly thin, it is the shortest route to learn techniques from Ozone 8 presets (there are also presets of global mastering engineers) and automatic settings. You should be able to solve the mystery of the master data of famous songs and "Is there such a difference in sound output?"

We also handle mastering requests regardless of professional or amateur. We help creators who can't stand the quality of online automatic mastering, and musicians and vocalists who are not confident in the mix and recording quality in the first place. Please feel free to contact us please

6 plugins to improve your self-mastering grade

The most different from the mastering environment of top professionals and general creators is the carefully selected outboard. Most of them are high-end equipment that cannot be easily owned. Get a hardware emulation plug-in for top engineers.

Essential knowledge and pro-techniques for effectively adjusting the equalizer

The equalizer is an effector that can adjust the frequency that is a component of sound. Comes with a band list for each instrument, which is convenient for EQ when mastering directly from a professional engineer .

Master home mastering with Ozone built-in plug-in

The fundamental problem with the Mix sound source is that it's better to redo the Mix, but Ozone has convenient plug-ins that make the details as delicate as light makeup. Introducing the exciter and stereo imager.

If you don't understand, consult on LINE

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