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Request for repair of sound cracks | Recovery of recording mistakes

We have a lot of experience in repairing voice data regardless of professional or amateur. The evolution of audio restoration (voice repair) apps is also remarkable, and the accuracy of the repair is improving year by year.

“Sound cracking” due to level setting mistakes is a mistake that professionals should not make, but we have many recovery results such as video content involving video production companies and freelance photographers, recording of music content, live sound source, etc. ..

Data recorded with professional equipment has a high probability of being repaired

Voice data recorded with professional quality has a high probability of improvement. At least near uncompressed quality audio data can be recovered more accurately. As expected, the unbroken voice recorded on the old cassette deck (the voice and performance are difficult to distinguish) is completely NG, but the higher the resolution of the voice data, the better the result can be expected.

Sound crack repair sample 3 generations ago. Currently, the accuracy is further improved.

Sound crack improvement sample when recording with a pin microphone

Of course, the above tools are not all-purpose.

The improvement accuracy varies depending on the material that caused the sound cracking (music, narration, etc.), its recording resolution, and the quality of the microphone. Although it is better, there are cases where it cannot be used in practice.

In addition to sound cracking, the limiter's breathing phenomenon may occur due to sound cracking.

Audio data that breaks through the limiter and causes a breathing phenomenon, rather than a simple sound crack, becomes even more difficult to repair ( past repair cases ). In such cases, not only restoration processing by iZotope RX, but also complex sound processing including mixing including different materials and mastering technology used for professional-class high-quality music works is performed.

Hybrid Sound Reform takes advantage of the premium service of free trial, and is challenging a wide range of unprecedented restoration from recordings recorded by amateurs to TV broadcasting materials.

Please feel free to contact us if you have Need help of trouble sound source, including the sound crack repair.

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Beatles free-as-a-bird Is (Free as a Bird) is you know?

A miracle song completed by the remaining three members in 1995, an unfinished song by John Lennon. It is a sound source that John left on a commercially available cassette tape (1977). It is said that the piano and the song were recorded on one track and there was noise. At that time, I longed for the advanced voice editing technology. We provide everyone with sound quality improvement technology that was magical 25 years ago.

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