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Is it possible to repair the audio data of a broken video?

Recovers voice recording mistakes of professional photographers

On the video posting site, you can see many video seminars and lectures by specialized consultants. There are various qualities, from those recorded normally with a video camera to those recorded with a dedicated pin microphone with the same quality as a TV program .

Recording by requesting a specialist is also a burden in terms of cost, and most of them are done by a small number of staff or speakers themselves, and they are busy with various tasks to be done at the seminar venue, and carefully set up the video recording. Some things you can't do.

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Recording often fails because the sound is invisible

Recent camcorders are equipped with an easy-to-read LCD monitor so that you can immediately check the test recorded video. However, neglecting to check the audio may result in a worthless video. The most serious cases are "no sound" and "sound cracking" mistakes.

Sound monitoring method that never fails


Even if you are not a recording professional, the way to never fail is to always use earphones and headphones and check the test shot video.

If you don't want to shoot a full-scale performance, you can use ordinary earphones. It makes a big difference just to check if the sound is jarring.

① Is there a problem with the volume?

② Isn't it a strange voice?

③ Do you mind the reverberation and air conditioning sound?


Check these, adjust the input level, and move the microphone position (in the case of a built-in microphone, search for the best position including the angle). In particular, to prevent sound cracking, set the level so that it never swings off the meter even if you applaud loudly near the microphone.

The speakers built into the video camera cannot be used for detailed distinction . Voice is an important point for those who utilize the recorded content for products and marketing tools. Be sure to check the audio monitor.

Severe or persistent crackling cannot be repaired

Advanced audio repair tools (specialized software for voice repair) also include sound cracking (distortion) repair tools, which are used in professional movie production. It is possible to repair momentary cracks in the sound. Of course, the restoration effect varies depending on the equipment used and the resolution of the recorded audio. Most professional equipment is recorded in uncompressed wav, at least unlike compressed MP3s. These are pretty promising.

Those voices and music in the cracking leave does not bear the prototype, of course, be is impossible to repair.

1:35 ~ Concrete front-back comparison start

4:47 ~ Comparison before and after removing the iPhone ringtone that rang during MC

The sample video is a little old, and about 4 versions have been upgraded since that time. It's now much more powerful than this sample. The basic is to predict and repair a waveform that has been cut off. If the waveform data is crushed with no jagged edges , it cannot be repaired .

Advanced audio repair software "RX-6 Advanced (izotope)"

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