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Online Sound Reform W20 (Audio)

High-quality sound of amateur band rehearsal recordings and live house sound sources

3 points

① Trial order system

② Comfortable cleaning of unfortunate noise

③ Powerful high-sensitivity remastered finish.

A valuable performance as a premium sound source.

20 minutes

44.1-98kHz (16-24bit)

Free audition file (1 to 2 minutes) / Free CD sending

Online down upload

2,000 Yen / 20min

(Tax excluded)

Audio File


Premium Audio

Would you like to get a comfortable sound by improving the sound quality?

Create a comfortable live sound source from videos containing music. It can also be burned to a CD and given to members, or used as a sound source for posting to music data sharing services such as Soundcloud and muzie. Live performances, which are creatures, sometimes perform beyond their abilities. We will reconstruct such a sound source into a realistic sound with the latest noise removal technology .

It is a safe system that allows you to order after trying the effect.

Media custody

After receiving your inquiry, we will upload the performance data of the performance you are considering remodeling.

Create test sound source


Test audition

2 to 3 minutes as a guide

We will create a test sample that reforms the audio with the same quality as this order.

Please download the created sample data.

After listening to it . If you can proceed to the official order, please also request a detailed request.

Officially order


It is also safe for customers who are worried about the remodeling effect or when the recording condition is particularly bad.

If you don't understand, consult on LINE

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Anyone can improve the sound quality at the tip .....

Beatles free-as-a-bird Is (Free as a Bird) is you know?

A miracle song completed by the remaining three members in 1995, an unfinished song by John Lennon. It is a sound source that John left on a commercially available cassette tape (1977). It is said that the piano and the song were recorded on one track and there was noise. At that time, I longed for the advanced voice editing technology. We provide everyone with sound quality improvement technology that was magical 25 years ago.

Hybrid Sound Reform

A new sensation service that reforms "music / voice"

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