You can request the sound adjustment of self-produced movies and videos.

In Hybrid Sound Reform, which repairs and improves a wide range of audio content, there are increasing opportunities to adjust the sound of video works of self-produced movies. I assumed that there are certain needs for documentary works that are basically recorded on location, but the satisfaction of clients is high even for drama works that accompany plays.

Low-budget movies are often shot in places where the noise of the city is likely to enter, such as warehouses and offices. In some cases, the pin microphones prepared by the actors may be noticed after recording, such as the jarring engine sound of a motorcycle being mixed in at the timing of the dialogue, or the sound of ruining the place in the ambience.

This service also handles a lot of noise removal and voice restoration of poor quality recordings such as voice recorders handled by general users . Experience value of noise reduction has accumulated know-how unique to specialized services.

The sound adjustment of the content recorded as a work is not limited to bold sound adjustment, but also familiar with ambience adjustment, which is the heart of realistic production, and mix processing that maximizes the attractiveness of the actor's voice, close to the director's image. We provide sound field expression.

It supports a wide range of repairs such as cloth rubbing, footsteps, small noises , reverberation, and radio noise, as well as various noises such as vehicle engines, horns, and wind microphones .

If you provide a preview video, we will also take care of the sound adjustment for the entire work. You can also make a " pinpoint request" by specifying the time zone in detail. We respond flexibly to the client's budget and needs.

In the case of "must use" severely damaged voice, we may propose a method of recovering by secondary processing of the sound source such as the sub-recorded camera microphone .

Also in charge of sound adjustment for overseas documentary films shot in NY (2019)

It can be used not only by movie and video creators who want to secure quality and budget, but also as a subcontractor for audio editing in various video productions. Supports aaf and omf files . Free trial of specific parts is possible. In helping with public works, you can also consult about price negotiation depending on the scale of publication and whether or not credit is stated.

The quotation will change depending on the delivery date, but please check the quotation policy . Please feel free to contact us.

動画 エンジン音 軽減 ノイズ除去 整音 自主製作映画 野外ロケ 雑音
雑音除去 izotope RX 音質補正 音声修復
ピンマイク ワイヤレスマイク 雑音 音声ノイズ 聞こえない
船 風切り音 ノイズ ボコボコ 映画整音 依頼 映像編集

Short movie "Bond-I only know you in this town-" (2019)

A short film full of love, completed by location in Shizuoka city. Limited release on Amazon prime until 2020.8 August .

The movie "74-year-old Pelican sells bread" (2017)

A documentary work featuring a long-established store ( Pelican) in Asakusa that sells only two types of bread and is prosperous. We interview owners, craftsmen, customers, equipment maintenance companies, cafe owners, etc. for a long time. It conveys the charm of that rare bakery. Everyone is full of love for the bread, and all the performers speak eloquently. The images of the lyrical scenery of downtown are also attractive.

Please contact for sound adjustments for self-produced films and documentaries . is a service that specializes in improving sound quality. The delicate sound is created to carefully remove the jarring noise. Emergency response is possible. Free trial. You can check the quality with confidence.

Environmental noise in the video If you want to reduce the engine noise of a motorcycle or car

In addition to engine sounds and announcements of sound trucks that you want to turn off from voice, we also support a wide range of applications such as wind blowing, rubbing microphones and clothes, noise, clip noise due to volume over, noise removal due to equipment troubles and radio interference.


An example of repairing an unnatural limiter (breathing phenomenon) that occurs in audio when recording a video

The digital limiter operates without being able to suppress the peak volume. An unnatural breathing phenomenon occurs and the voice becomes very unpleasant.


Removal of wind noise in onboard interviews

"I interviewed a fisherman on board." I received a consultation as usual to reduce the wind noise mixed in the video cut, and received a free trial .


Removes mobile phone radio noise mixed in band performance (with improvement sample)

When recording a performance with a linear PCM recorder, there seems to be a case where the recorded data gets quite terrible noise if the iPhone is nearby. It is not the noise of the environmental sound of the audience seats picked up by the so-called microphone, but the very strong noise that destroys the audio data itself.

We have worked to reduce unpleasant noise that interferes with the recorded performance.

If you don't understand, consult on LINE

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Beatles free-as-a-bird Is (Free as a Bird) is you know?

A miracle song completed by the remaining three members in 1995, an unfinished song by John Lennon. It is a sound source that John left on a commercially available cassette tape (1977). It is said that the piano and the song were recorded on one track and there was noise. At that time, I longed for the advanced voice editing technology. We provide everyone with sound quality improvement technology that was magical 25 years ago.

Hybrid Sound Reform

A new sensation service that reforms "music / voice"

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