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About the difference in sound quality between professionals and amateurs

I think that amateur bands who are active as indies will have the opportunity to include "CD sales" in their future activities. However, when we record and record our performances on a CD, various problems such as "low sound", "insufficient sound pressure", and "imbalance" occur. As long as I make a CD, I want to improve the sound quality and finish it with the same result as a professional, but how does the difference in sound quality between professionals and amateurs occur in the first place?

Due to the environment

"Difference in environment" is one of the factors that cause a difference in sound quality between professionals and amateurs. For example, if the recording environment is not satisfactorily prepared, the recording itself will not remain, which will make a big difference in the completeness of the music. Similarly, if the mastering environment, which is the final finish, is not in place, the sound pressure and sound quality cannot be adjusted properly, and the finish of the song will be different. Nowadays, high-quality equipment is on the market, so it has become feasible in the sense of "preparing the environment", but there are many people who find it difficult due to economic reasons.

Differences in knowledge, technology, and experience

Some amateur artists have the knowledge, skills, and experience that are comparable to professionals. However, on the other hand, there are some people who have only the minimum technology and cannot easily achieve the sound they want. No matter how good the environment is, if you lack the knowledge and skills to make full use of it, you will not be able to produce a satisfactory sound. For example, even if you have exactly the same equipment as the artist you admire, if there is a big difference in technology, the sound emitted will be completely different. You can acquire the knowledge just by cramming it, but you have to gain some experience because you cannot acquire the same technical skills as a professional overnight.


In this way, the difference in sound quality between professionals and amateurs increases depending on the environment and technical capabilities. Nowadays, you can master at home, but it is a fact that many people are having a hard time doing what they want. If you are such a person, please contact HybridSoundReform.com.

At HybridSoundReform.com, we perform sound reform of recorded sound sources. In sound reform, we not only improve the sound quality such as noise removal, but also finish the sound in poor condition into "musically resonating sound". If you would like to experience reasonable and high quality professional mastering technology, please feel free to contact us. HybridSoundReform.com is also improving the sound quality of videotapes, so please feel free to contact us if you have old videos such as children's piano recitals and concerts.

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