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Outsourcing of audio restoration processing (multi-track material) by iZotope RX8 Advanced

We accept outsourcing of audio restoration of multi-track materials from artists, productions, recording engineers, mixing engineers, etc. who are producing music.

Outsource your assistant if you want to specialize in mixing and recording

  1. Restoration work is troublesome

  2. Worried (or not) to leave it to the assistant

  3. There was a problem with the recording environment / recording equipment

Today's audio restoration technology, represented by iZotope's RX, has undergone remarkable evolution, and the cleaning level of audio materials containing negative elements is improving day by day.
As of September 2020, the latest RX8 Advanced has a number of additional features in music production track clean technology.

RX is the 8th generation that can repair various audio and remove noise, including sound cracking. Further subdivided functions have been added. In the previous version, the vocal preparation function was enhanced, but this time we are also paying attention to the module specialized for guitar. Automatic processing for individual reduction of slides, picking noise, etc. is also possible.

For engineers and musicians who want to concentrate on mixing and recording, audio restoration, which is a pre-processing, is a work in a slightly different dimension from direct sound creation. If possible, it's a task that you want to leave to your assistant.

However, if you do poor processing, you may lose the original essence and the track condition may turn negative. On the other hand, if the pre-processing is done, the effect processing can be done smoothly, and efficiency can be improved in a high-quality production environment. How about outsourcing delicate pretreatment to a professional engineer?

Hybrid sound reform makes full use of iZotope RX8 Advanced. Professional service specializing in advanced audio restoration. Not only the sound adjustment of movie works that require a wide range of techniques, but also the precise restoration of music works.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied with the quality of the recorded sound or trouble caused by the studio. We will respond promptly according to the delivery date, budget, and frequency of requests. Please feel free to contact us please.

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Beatles free-as-a-bird Is (Free as a Bird) is you know?

A miracle song completed by the remaining three members in 1995, an unfinished song by John Lennon. It is a sound source that John left on a commercially available cassette tape (1977). It is said that the piano and the song were recorded on one track and there was noise. At that time, I longed for the advanced voice editing technology. We provide everyone with sound quality improvement technology that was magical 25 years ago.

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