What is Hybrid Sound Reform?

All the worries about voice from professionals to the general public,

This service is solved by a professional professional who specializes in improving sound quality .

■ Wear headphones and feel it

Service plan

■ Category

  • Video sound adjustment / audio restoration

  • Noise (noise) removal

  • Live recordings (live music)

[Price guide]


60 minutes / 80USD ~

1 song (5 minutes) / 38USD ~

  • Mastering

1 song (5 minutes) / 25USD ~

* Work man-hours are the basis of the estimate

Service flow

After asking about your budget and details of improvements, we will keep your video and audio files for sound quality problems online.


Create a sound quality improvement sample within 2 to 7 days after receiving it. We propose an estimate according to the man-hours. Please listen


In the case of hiring, after paying the remodeling fee, the work schedule is confirmed. As soon as it is finished, we will guide you to the download destination of the improvement master


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Representative & Sound Refomer / Takaki Yamakawa

Graduated from Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi, Institute of Sound Arts. Aspiring to be a recording engineer, he entered the school, but since he was still in school, he devoted himself to music production and went on to make music. Although he entered and exited major labels and music publishers through the activities of bands and units, he did not make his major debut and frozen his music activities at the age of 30. After that, he struggled as a salaryman. After working for several companies, he is in charge of sales of some listed companies.

In 2014, I was surprised at iZotope's voice restoration technology and established a sound reform service. He handles hundreds of sound quality improvements and video editings a year regardless of professional or amateur. Recently, there are increasing opportunities to be in charge of documentaries and sound adjustments for small-scale movie works .


Delivery example


Movie sound adjustment

I was in charge of sound adjustment and effects for theatrical release movies. A popular work that has been released for a long time with a small scale. Click here for the trailer.


ZOOM archive

For those who have captured a video with ZOOM but are worried that the sound is bad and cannot be reused.


Vocal mix

Professional grade delivery quality even at home recording. Mix mastering at an affordable price.

I am not good at devices such as personal computers, so I cannot upload data online. Can I still make a request?

I'm sorry, we can't handle outside of Japan

I'm sorry, we can't handle outside of Japan

Can you just give me a quote?

Click here for a detailed explanation of the quotation. After receiving the actual sound source that the user is having a problem with, we will consider the improvement recipe. In principle, we will not make an estimate if you do not present the sound source. We may inform you of an estimate of the same case, but we will refrain from doing so as much as possible because the estimate will fluctuate significantly depending on the recording status.